CODE - TAE40122

TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Course Outline

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who act as franchisors. A franchisor licenses trademarks, and tried and proven methods of doing business to a franchisee in exchange for a recurring payment, and usually a percentage piece of gross sales or gross profits as well as the annual fees.

Possible Job Titles Include:

● Manager
● Managing Director

Qualification Packaging Rules

Total number of units = 10.
9 core units plus 1 elective unit

The elective unit chosen must be relevant to the work outcome and meet local industry needs. For this strategy, the elective chosen is TAEDEL301 Provide Work skill instruction as participants will be providing work skill instruction and coaching to work colleagues. The elective for future strategies will depend on the learning needs of the specific client group. 

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Requirements

On enrolment students complete an LLN Assessment conducted to assist us in identifying a student’s Language, Literacy & Numeracy levels, therefore allowing us to ensure they are enrolled on an appropriate qualification in order to ensure their ability to complete the work required in the enrolled qualification and meet their learning needs. Those who do not have the required LLN Language skills will be assisted where practical however, if their LLN skills are not sufficient to complete the course, they will be referred to a specialist in developing their LLN skills, potentially the TAFE closest to their home or workplace.

Eligibility Criteria

Students for enrolments into this course, under the structure outlined in this TAS are typically individuals who:

  • Are existing employees working in a position within the Business Services operation
  • May already hold a lower level industry qualification
  • Wish to develop their skills to work in the Business Services industry
  • Can perform a prescribed range of functions involving:
  • Known routines and procedures and some accountability for the quality of outcomes.
  • Complex or non-routine activities involving individual responsibility or autonomy and/or collaboration with others as part of a group or team.
    Typically, are over 18 years of age, or wish signed authority for a parent or guardian.
  • Come from a variety of vocational and cultural backgrounds
  • Speak English or from an English-speaking background but meet the LLN assessed requirements.

Units of Competency Core

Core Units


Facilitate vocational training   


Work effectively in the VET sector   


Use nationally recognised training products to meet vocational training needs   


Assess competence   


Design and develop plans for vocational training   


Participate in assessment validation   

Elective Units


Integrate employability skills support into training and assessment   


Develop and implement plans for recognition of prior learning   


Plan and implement individual support plans for learners with disability   


Mentor in the workplace   


Plan, organise and facilitate online learning   


Support the learning and development of teams and individuals   


Use foundation skills resources, strategies and advice   


Develop and implement training and assessment strategies for learners with disability   


Complete a practicum in a vocational education and training environment   


Facilitate workplace-based learning   


Assess competence in an online environment   


Facilitate distance-based training   


Work within compliance frameworks   


Facilitate learning for young vocational learners   


Build and maintain business relationships   


Design and develop assessment tools   


Maintain training and assessment information   


Integrate core skills support into training and assessment   


Provide work skill instruction   


Participate in quality audits   


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